** MAMBO is the name of the VOODOO priestess in Haiti **

Dixit  » Mambo Chick is a playful vinyl collector, a crazy girl digger mad of music !
The girl likes to celebrate oldies in Tropical style in parties but also intimate multi-influenced mix in her radio show at SOHO RADIO. She’s standing for joy and happiness spreading SMILES, LOVE & and CRAZY TUNES all around !

Her universe is  all about magic, emotions and energy!

Totally addicted to records, Mambo Chick travelled exotic places to meet Musicians & Cultures and find unfamous & rareties records to please your hear !

She’s been digging West-Indies, Colombia, Panama, Santo Dominguo, Cabo Verde, Senegal, Morocco, Greece, and many more great countries ..

Hands in crates with a permanent smile, Mambo Chick will seduce you with her communicative enthusiasm, her generosity and her unusual taste !  »


Mambo Chick was also part of :

– Glad We Met 

– Gravitation : as a DJ Resident in La Gravière (Geneva) since 2014

– Les Diplomates : Tropical Dj Duo  ( ft Jean Toussaint) since 2013

– Palmwine records since 2010